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Tiger Woods….Not in the Clear.
December 8, 2009, 12:44 am
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What in the hell is going on with Tiger Woods?

The first news I heard about him was that he was in a car crash. My reaction was “…Ok. Well, he’s alright…why is this such a big deal?”

Then he starts apologizing… and I get even more confused.

Was he drunk driving? Was he on drugs while driving? Maybe he was texting and driving.

No, he has mistresses. What the…?! What the hell does that have to do with a car accident? Was the mistress in the car? Was the wife in the car? What is going on here?!

Then we hear about Rachel Uchitel, some random socialite. So, apparently Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s wife, WHO IS A MODEL, BY THE WAY (What is with men??????) was chasing Tiger with a golf club after the tabloids came out about the alleged affair. Hell, I would be swinging golf clubs too, and Tiger had to flee (ha! What an interesting joke) and then he smashed into a fire hydrant.

Okay. So then some time goes by… Jaimee Grubbs comes forward and says she had a 31 month affair with Tiger. What? And she was on Tool Academy? Should that not say something about her character? Tiger, you are a tool, my friend.

The Australian article also states that Tiger had up to six mistresses.

So Tiger has not revealed any of his “shortcomings.” Yet, he has apologized. So how many mistresses does this guy have? Why so many? Which tabloids are right? Which are wrong? Should we believe anything? Is Tiger in the clear? Should we judge him without knowing him? Maybe his wife was having affairs. Who knows.

Should we thank real-time search for keeping us up to date on Tiger’s sex life?

I am on team Elin on this one. Shame on you, Tiger. You have kids and a beautiful wife! It just proves that some people can never be happy with what they have.

Smells like Jon Gosselin in here…


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