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Response 12: The 2012 Election
December 7, 2009, 8:48 pm
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The final response post is here. It is hard to believe, but my blog is almost complete (for now!)

For your final blog post, please predict, based on what you’ve learned and what your *imagination* says, what you think will be key to winning the 2012 election online.

From what I have seen in this class and around the Web, the key is: collaboration.

Right now, the most talked about collaborative tool is Wave…which involves real time collaboration. Granted, by 2012, I am sure Google Wave will be old news, but I feel that the idea will still be relevant.

The presidential nominees could collaborate in real-time with the voters, allowing them to ask questions or post their concerns. The real-time collaboration could also work with presidential supporters. It would allow them to more easily contact individuals to get them out to vote, they could work on flyers and pamphlets together, and it enable more convenient conferencing. (Between both political staffers and their supporters).

Another trend that we have seen recently is the increased use of mobile Web. This article states that there will be 975 million mobile Web users by 2012, which means that politics will need to involve mobile social media more than ever. Their Web sites will HAVE to be mobile ready, no large fonts and crazy graphics. (Although by 2012, mobile Web will probably also be much more advanced, so perhaps fancy graphics will be allowed). Mobile  e-mail and Web will be much faster at this point, so it will allow for better communication. Plus, it will be much easier to rally people to get out and vote.

There will be much more on-the-go action in 2012.

Finally, I think that Facebook will still be around, but I think it will be completely different. It will focus more on live feeds, and real-time collaboration. I do not see it heading back to its roots as a place for college kids to hang out, rather, I see it as being used by businesses and politicians even more.

I do not know if Twitter will still be around, but if it is, I think it will also be different. It is starting to get in to real-time updates, but in order for it to be even more powerful, I think changes need to be made.

I think that Google will have more to do with the elections. As previously mentioned, Google Wave, or the next update to it, will be a major player in the election. Perhaps the company will have more collaborative software, or maybe it will get more into the mobile Web market. Either way, I think that Google will be big.

Of course, this is all speculation, since it is always hard to say what will be the next trend in social media. Approximately two years is a long time. We may be to Web 3.0 or 4.0 by then!


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