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Response #11: Lebanon
December 2, 2009, 3:22 am
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This week’s assignment was to go onto Global Voices Online and pick a country. I chose Lebanon, and read different blogs.

One entry was from November 11, 2009 and it discussed Lebanon and its government.  The country has a government for the first time in five months, after the parliamentary elections.  It was interesting to read the article, because not only did it discuss the events, but it also shared different quotes from bloggers and how they reacted after the news spread. The best part was that the author said that bloggers took to their spaces as soon as the news was made official. This reminded me of our early discussions in class and how blogging is now one of the fastest ways of spreading information now.

Another entry discussed a recent event that took place discussing the dangers of smoking. The entry states that bloggers claimed the event was a failure because most pubs did not become smoke-free. It was interesting to see Lebanon’s views on the issue compared to ours in the United States. Perhaps one day Lebanon’s bars will be non-smoking like ours, since our country used to also allow smoking.

One fun article stated that there was a contest in Lebanon to see if 300 chefs could make the biggest plate of hummus. The purpose of the contest was to showcase Lebanese dishes that are being created in Israel. What an interesting way to protest, or even inform people that these dishes are Lebanese. Once again, the author gives posts from different blogs about the food.

I started out not knowing anything about Lebanon, and now have different pieces of information. The blogs were so different in their entries, but I was able to gain a wide spread of knowledge, which is more helpful than just knowing about one subject.

All of the blogs were serious in their material. Even the hummus contest was intertwined with politics. I thought this assignment was very interesting because of the variety of information provided.


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