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Response #8: Crowdsourcing
November 10, 2009, 7:28 pm
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Urban Dictionary: The slang dictionary you wrote. Define Your World.

Urban Dictionary is similar to a small Wikipedia, except that it consists of definitions of words, mostly slang. Anyone can add their own words, or contribute additional definitions to a word that is already in the dictionary.

The words range from silly (like Movember) to dirty or gross (like butt acne).

Not only does Urban Dictionary provide you with definitions, but there are also synonyms and the words are used in a sentence.  Sometimes, there are even pictures to show you the word.

The site also includes a marketplace where you can buy mugs with your favorite saying , a blog, a chatroom , and a link to buy their books.

I think Urban Dictionary is a genius idea and I find it to be useful. I use it mostly when a friend says some slang word that I have never heard of…and instead of sounding ignorant in front of a group of people, I nod my head enthusiastically, fake a laugh, and then hop onto my computer or my phone and go to Urban Dictionary to look up the mysterious word.

I do not ever have to worry whether a word will not be on the site. There are over four million words to look through.

Some consider the Web site to be gross, vile, or plain immature, but even Time considered it one of the top 50 Web sites in 2008.

And if that is not enough for you to take Urban Dictionary seriously, Aaron Peckham, the founder, is a software engineer at Google, and he once had big dreams to create a Thesaurus, which makes him a real go-getter.

Granted, some of the words are just outlandish or plain stupid…  but if you want to stay hip and not look like a fool at a party…you should probably keep Urban Dictionary handy.


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The Online Slang Dictionary has a slang thesaurus.

Comment by WalterGR

Nice example, Leah. Have you contributed to the Urban Dictionary?

Comment by Krempasky

> …he once had big dreams to create a Thesaurus, which makes him a real go-getter.

BTW, The Online Slang Dictionary has a thesaurus.

Comment by WalterGR

Another great thing about urban dictionary is that you can see if your inside jokes are funny. Turns out only 21 people found my interpretation of Zach Braff (Scrubs) sloppy kissing style warrented a definition.

Comment by nishsuvarnakar

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