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TwitterPeek? Anyone?
November 3, 2009, 9:28 pm
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I recently read an article on Mashable about the TwitterPeek that will be arriving soon.


The TwitterPeek was originally listed for $200 with lifetime service, or you can purchase it for $100, with six months free service, and then after that time period you will pay $8 a month. . . . to only use Twitter.

You cannot access links in Tweets because…well…the TwitterPeek…which I’ll call TP for short… does not have access to the Internet.

The good news is that it can last up to 3-4 days in between charges (not that that is impressive since the only thing the device does is look at Twitter) and it was designed with the Twitter people…so it is “intuitive to use.” I would hope it is intuitive to use…all it does is use Twitter. I will not even get started on why it would be difficult to type in 140 words and then hit post.

Apparently some people think it is silly to purchase a smart phone and pay a lot of money to use it. (I am not in this category, my iPhone is essentially an extension of my right hand). Ok. That’s fine. I can understand that…but you can do txt updates to Twitter on your Motorola Razr that you are still carting around because you refuse to give in to the trends. If there are people out there who are not texting, I can bet that they are also not tweeting.

Then I read this post that Mashable linked to and I got confused.

Wait, the TwitterPeek checks your email? Maybe this whole post was wrong.

I then realized that the post is referring to the original Peek that has messaging capabilities…and that is it.

Hell, I could make a case for that. I am attached to my email and if the iPhone was not around, I could see myself as possibly being interested in a Peek…but the TwitterPeek does not retrieve your email for you or message your friends. Unless of course you want to communicate via direct message or tweets. But that does not seem practical if you are going to be having a conversation.

Bottom line: I agree with most of the commenters on Mashable… and…mostly everyone else on the Internet.

TwitterPeek is an unnecessary device.



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