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Response 5: Should We Be Afraid of…Google?
October 21, 2009, 12:59 am
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I use Google products for everything.

Gmail, Maps, the Search Bar, Reader, News, the list goes on. I have never feared the growth of Google because it has enhanced my life. When I need to communicate online, I use Gmail or Gchat. If I need an answer to anything–I head straight to Google. RSS Feeds? Right over to Google Reader. I click the “News” tab every morning at work to look for mentions of clients in the news.

However, when I read “The Search,” I learned more about the history and the inside of Google. I felt badly for Moncrief and the losses he faced when Google changed their algorithm and never returned his phone calls. I questioned the way the company entered China and may have gone against their “Don’t Be Evil” mantra as well as the way that they can use our information without informing us. Then, I read this article on the class blog…and I will admit…I started to feel… intimidated.

Google could be my stereo system? What?

I think Google will expand even more than it already has in the future. After reading the articles that were linked on the class blog, it seems that Google does almost everything better than everyone else. Delicious is not better than Google. Even reading the alternatives to Google–most I had never heard of and clearly are not any competition for the juggernaut. I have heard over and over again, “Google is going to take over the world.” So, what is wrong with putting our faith in Google, then? My biggest fear is that it is difficult to rely on one entity. What if something… catastrophic …happened to Google? What would we do? ¬†The problem is Google does everything so well, so it is difficult to figure out who we should trust.

Conclusion? I appreciate Google’s innovation because it makes my life more convenient. However, if we rely on Google too much and something happens…I am somewhat afraid of what would happen to our digital lives! So should we fear Google itself? No. It works. The company performs well.


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