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Response 2: Really Simple…What?
September 29, 2009, 9:23 pm
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I vaguely understood RSS before last week’s class, and thought it was mostly used by people like this guy.

Little did I know that the RSS phenomenon is huge, it has been for awhile, and I am apparently not on top of social media as much as I thought I was.

I suppose my hesitation to learn RSS (and by learn, I mean actually take five minutes to read the RSS Wikipedia Web site and get the gist) stems from the fact that I did not think I had any news to follow continuously.

But– during class everything changed. The wheels began to turn…

I learned that I could always be in touch with blogs, news sites, and other regularly updated pages if I embraced RSS.

My mind began to race.

That means…if I use RSS…I will always know when my favorite gossip site is updated. No more clicking refresh every half hour. I will not be the last person to know what dumb things Kanye West has done. I will be the first to find out when Brangelina actually calls it quits.

I can find out when Texts From Last Night is updated. I will be the first one putting the most hysterical text in my Facebook status and on my Twitter page.

Okay, so perhaps not the most intellectual thoughts that could have come to mind, but I must admit, I do love informative and humorous Web sites!

Once Google Reader was introduced and I placed Oh No They Didn’t, Texts From Last Night, Mashable, and the class’s Delicious Web site into it, life became a whole lot easier. RSS and Google Reader are a convenient duo.

My level of technologicalgossiptexting intelligence was actually boosted and Ino longer have five tabs up at work (which is better for my credibility).

Who knew lessons learned in class could actually be…practical?

Next week: Perhaps The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post will be loaded into Google Reader.


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Hahahha lili. This is wonderful!! So funny and topical.

Comment by Christine

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