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Response 1: 95 Theses?
September 22, 2009, 10:19 pm
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How many theses are there within The Cluetrain Manifesto? One clue: There aren’t 95.

So how am I supposed to determine how many there really are?

Let’s start by looking up the definition.

1) A proposition stated or put forward for consideration.

2) A subject for an essay.

3)A dissertation.

4)A downbeat.

5) A part of a metrical foot (?) …

and simply…

6) Philosophy.

So there were not 95 statements put forward. I agree with that. There were many repetitive theses. For example, theses number 27 (By speaking in language that is distant, uninviting, arrogant, they build walls to keep markets at bay) and 41 (Companies make a religion of security but this is largely a red herring. Most are protecting less against competitors than against their own market and workforce) and 16 (Already, companies that speak in the language of the pitch, the dog-and-pony show, are no longer speaking to anyone) all provide the same message: Companies have boring jargon that is pushing away their markets. There were also theses such as numbers 75-85 that may not appear to be theses, but most of them are general statements (although somewhat condescending) that are suggestions or proposals for companies. So, why 95? Did they just want to drive the point home? I did some research on manifestos and the number 95. I did not find anything of substance.

The whole shebang probably could have been squeezed into about eight sentences:

Markets are conversations that are spoken by humans who have different voices than companies. People sound human, which can also translate to being natural. Because people are talking to each other, they are not in the dark about organizations and their products and are therefore smarter than before. This can be said about markets and employees. Companies need to lighten up, move away from their boring jargon and communicate with their markets directly. Corporations also need to allow their employees to talk to markets directly in their own words. Markets now have more power than before and companies must realize that they are dependent on their markets and it is not the other way around. If organizations do not realize the changes that are occurring, they will end up unsuccessful.


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Leah – good thoughts. As for your question, I think they were shooting for a comparison to

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